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Iron-On Value Pack

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Iron-On Value Pack is available for purchase in increments of 1

Kiddo Tags Iron-On Value Pack - 145 Total Kiddo Tags!

Iron-On Kiddo Tags™ are easy to handle and they are laundry safe and designed to adhere to most any fabric, even polyblends! Don’t lose another onesie, jersey, swimsuit, sweater, glove, scarf, sock etc.

  • All types of family clothes, bibs, blankies, shirts, pants, underwear
  • Pajamas, soft hats, socks
  • Any type of clothing (no rubber backing)


These labels were specifically designed for COTTONS and COTTON/POLY BLENDS -- both weave and knit. Our material has minimal fading and will adhere to almost any kind of fabric: cotton weave, denim, and even jersey knits. We tested on crochet or sweater-type knits iron-on and they melt to the fibers and take shape of the weave. The labels are printed on a white base, so the design will not show through the back of the label.

Get ALL of this for one low price:

  • Total 145 Iron-on Value $49.99
  • 35 Iron-On Deluxe (Dimensions: 2.14" x 9/16")
  • 90 Iron-On Slim Thin (Dimensions: 2" x ¼")
  • 20 Iron-On Polka Dots (Dimensions: 1" Round)
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